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There are basically two kinds of wigs. Human and synthetic. Human hair
pieces can be washed, combed, and styled just like we do with our own hair.

These instructions are for synthetic wigs, beards, mustaches and hair pieces. All references to wigs also refers to beards, mustaches and hair pieces.

Soak the wig completely in a tub of warm water with either baking soda, very mild shampoo or Woolite.  Swish the wig around in the water to make sure all parts of the wig are exposed to the cleaning agent. (*For long straight wigs. Run your hand repeatedly from top to bottom of wig to help prevent tangles.)  Rinse wig with clean water.  Refill tub with water and 1/4 cup hair conditioner. Soak wig. Lightly rinse and lay on a towel to dry. When the wig is dry, you can lightly shake it. It should fall back into it's originally style.

Long Straight Wigs: Use oil sheen hair spray for straight wigs that need to be combed out. Take a piece of the wig hair about 2-3 inches from the bottom edge of the hair. Hold tight and comb downwards, away from your hand to the end of the wig. Repeat this by moving another 2-3" inches higher each time until you have reached the wig cap. This needs to done for all of the hair strands. To prevent the hair from pulling out of the wig cap, hold the hair that is being combed tight between your fingers.

If styling is necessary, use sponge rollers. Take a flat section of hair about 1/2" wide, spray with oil sheen spray and wrap onto roller. It does not need to be excessively tight. Make sure you are curling the hair into the direction you would like it to be when you are done. Let dry overnight. Style lightly with a wide comb or brush.


Spot cleaning: Use Shout, Pine-Sol, or a Vodka/Water combination. For mustaches or beard which are getting dingy, add a 1/2cup bleach for each beard.

Stretching Wigs: Wet and wear it.

Bald???: Where to put the edge of the wig if you are bald or have a receding hair line. Four fingers width above the eyebrow is where the edge of the wig is worn.

Try a tip! *Someone said you could lightly steam a wig?

*Have lots of wigs to wash? Try this! Turn each wig inside out, then place a sock over each wig. Throw all of them in the washing machine on cold with a mild detergent. Don't try this the first time with your best wig!
Have not tried these ideas! But anything is worth a try once.

Homemade Spray-in Detangler
1 to 10 ratio conditioner and water. Mix together in a spray bottle.

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