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Painting up
Clown Makeup pictureMAKEUP:
Supplies Needed:

1. Professional white makeup base. Choose white cream or powder base make up. OR if you like the look of the clown on the left: Auguste makeup
2. Bright colored cream liner clown makeup. Black cream liner. Cream is my preference. Crayons and brushes work well for small detail areas.
3. Makeup sponge
4. Theatrical Face Powder- Super White powder for white (Fair powder for Auguste),
    and Neutral Set powder for colors.
5. Powder puff
6. Rouge. Choose cream for a brighter look. Choose powder for a soft look.

These tips work for all face painting. Clowning, Krumping, Painting Up

1. Start with a clean face. If you have sensitive skin- put a light layer of moisturizer on.

2. Using the makeup sponge, spread a thin layer of base makeup onto the face (for powder make-up- wet the sponge) using a stroking motion. Even out any inconsistencies and lines in the makeup by adding more or thinning heavy areas. For a smooth finished look, pat the base makeup with the make up sponge.

3. "Setting" your base makeup is next. First you need to "pack" your powder puff. To do this: pour about a tablespoon of your super white (fair for Auguste) theatrical face powder onto your powder puff. Now take both sides of the puff and rub them together using a back and forth rubbing pattern. When almost all of your powder seems to have disappeared into the powder puff, you  are ready to begin. Pat powder puff lightly onto the base makeup. Do not skip the setting of your makeup. When you do not set your face makeup, it tends to soften and the colors start to blend together. Thus creating a melting effect instead of nice crisp colors.

4. Adding Color and Design. This is where your individual design preferences come in. Do you want solid large designs? The large areas like the mouth, around the eyes, or large designs can be filled in using the makeup sponge. The crayons come in handy to draw the outline of the area to be filled in first, thus eliminating design mistakes. Do you want fine details? Use a paint brush (if you use a cheap one, you will be picking the hairs out of your creation).  Paint on the details with the brush. After each color, you need to "set" the color. Use your neutral set face powder and powder puff to lightly press the powder into the color. Setting each color as you use it prevents your colors from smearing or blending into each other.

5. Rouge. Yes, even the boy's! I prefer a cream rouge for the men. It has a brighter look. If you are doing a girl clown, think about trying a powder rouge. It's look is very soft and pretty. You can apply the cream rouge with either your fingers or your makeup sponge. With the powder rouge, dampen your make up sponge and apply lightly. "Set" your rouge with your neutral set face powder.

   Note: For the Auguste clown's beard you need to purchase a stipple sponge. After applying the
            white beard color, "set" it with your super white face powder. Using the stipple sponge,
            lightly dip it into the black color liner makeup. Lightly dap beard area with stipple sponge
            making a series of little dots. Do not make the color solid. "Set" with neutral set powder.

Clown Makeup Picture

Creme Bright Colors
Creme Bright Colors

Creme Color Liners
Color Liners

Clown Makeup- Professional Cake
Cake Professional Color

Liquid Paint, Airbrush Paint
Liquid Paint

Bright Creme Makeup with a sparkle
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Luxe Sparkle Powder

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Magicake Palette



Clown Costumes





Clown Costumes
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Clown Shoes

Professional or Amateur?

Professional clowning:
1. Sketch or draw what your clown character should look like. Makeup, Hat, Clothing, Shoes, Socks, Wig and Props.

2. Find a professional costumer to make the costume. Priscilla Mooseburger is the only one that I personally know of. Her clown clothes are great. 
        Tips: Pockets are very important. So think ahead. Where do you need them and what are you     
      putting in them?

                Colors are also important. Think colorful! Are you a boy, girl clown? Remember the    
      mimes and hobos. Each charming in their own ways.

                I would suggest using heavy bright cotton fabrics. Durable and cleanable. To keep your  
     fabric from fading do not put them in the dryer.

Amateur clowning:

1. Find a packaged costume in the appropriate size. If it does not come with a hat, buy one.

2. Find a clown wig. If you have hair that touches your ear, you should also buy a wig cap. This will
    prevent hours of frustration. You can also buy hair color and just spray your hair.

3. Pick out your shoes.

Everything else is not as important as the above basics. But adding props, socks, gloves, suspenders, clown bowties, etc. adds character.

Clown Costumes
Purchase Clown Costume

Striped Stockings
Clown Socks

Colored Hairspray
Colored Hairspray

Squirting Flower


Props can be many things. Props add color and character to your clown personality. For Girl clowns: Add bright scrunchies to your wig, eyelashes, parasols, squirting flowers, and squeaky toys (costume shop, pet store). For Boy clowns: Add harpo horns, jumbo cigars (especially hobo clowns), corn cob pipes and squeaky toys.

Harpo Horn


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